Best Facebook Games Like FarmVille [Top 7]

Facebook needs no introduction and no doubt it’s a best social tool to stay connected to your friends and family members. But Facebook can be used to make time pass too using games available on its app store. FarmVille is one popular game available on Facebook which you may have already played but I’m here with best Facebook games like FarmVille.

There are plenty of other games available on Facebook but FarmVille has got its own presence. FarmVille become popular because of rich game play and good quality graphics. It was also a different kind of fun in playing farming game with our friends online. This is another reason behind its popularity.


Best Facebook Games like FarmVille

I’m listing here top 7 best Facebook games like FarmVille down here which you can play. All these 7 FarmVille like games are available for free and are very popular.

Farmville 2

This is second version of the original FarmVille game and it is also available for free on Facebook. If you’ve already played FarmVille then in this second version you’re going to find improvements in graphics and new characters.

As it’s the official second version so it has already got a lot of Facebook users. The concept of game is the same i.e. harvest crops and also feed animals.


Other than FarmVille, CityVille is the next popular game in this category but you’re not going to feed animals or harvest crops rather you’re going to look for building your own city

Zynga has developed this game and you’ll be challenged to construct new city, home, farms and you also going to collect a lot of coins and special gifts.


YoVille is another best Facebook games like FarmVille and you’ve to arrange furniture, work in factory to earn coins, make new friends and there are lots of places like YoDepot, Beach, Fashio Store, Furniture Store and Nightclub which you can visit.


You’re going to love the graphics in this game. Get ready for best se world in which you’re going to grow your own aquarium. There are different types of fish and other under water animals which you can grow up and earn a lot of points.


You’ve to construct your own castle in this game. There are lots of places which you can visit and earn coins in the game. After earning a lot of coins or money you can start your own library, cake shop and other shops.


As soon as you start playing the game then you’ve to create your own avatar. But you’re not going to become human or any cartoon character rather you’ll become a pet. You’ve to buy cloths, decorative items for your house. There are lots of gifts which you can give to your friends.

CityVille 2

This is another CityVille game and as mentioned in the name, it’s the second version of the game. So you’re definitely going to find improvements in graphics but game play is almost similar.

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